About Us


Our ceramics produced in the Modena district, excellence, innovation, enthusiasm, aesthetics, competence and reliability: these are the fundamental values ​​of Italiana Ceramics, the company that designs and manufactures ceramic materials for the coating and flooring of any type of environment.

The company’s innovative capacity is based on continuous experimentation which, thanks to the development of cutting-edge production systems and technologies, Italiana Ceramics, over the years, has become one of the most prestigious companies in the world ceramic industry. This was possible thanks to the attention to each season, an offer of high quality collections with great personality and success because they are based on careful stylistic, aesthetic and performance research.

The commitment of Italiana Ceramics is constant, aimed at protecting the environment. At each stage of the production life cycle, particular attention is paid to the work environment, raw materials, and the packaging used; each process is monitored so that there is energy saving and environmental protection.